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Artist Of The Week - Dan Hobday

Shop the latest artist launched under our Nook x Collabs brand Dan Hobday. Dan Hobday creates all his work from his home studio. He has a passion for minimal, contemporary art, working with inks, acrylics, digital, and mixed media, showcasing a diverse style that spans various subjects.

Sharyn Bursic

Sharyn Bursic is a self-taught artist and has held a lifelong passion for art and creative expression. It wasn't until the age of 51 that they began painting with unwavering dedication, striving to paint daily when circumstances allow.

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Arty Guava

Arty Guava, is a Malaysian-born artist who currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. Her creative practice includes an array of mediums such as digital art, traditional painting, large-scale murals, and digital art installations.

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Frank Moth

Frank Moth creates nostalgic postcards from a distant but at the same time familiar future. He makes digital collages and compositions with specific, distinctive colour palettes, in a critically acclaimed style that is immediately recognisable.

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Gigi Rosado

Gigi Rosado is an accomplished Illustrator and interior designer.

Her illustrations are distinguished by vibrant, expressive colors and sketchy lines. Gigi's artwork often revolves around the realm of women and glimpses into everyday life. Apart from her artistic pursuits, she finds joy in knitting and immersing herself in biographical reads.

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Boris Draschoff, a designer based in Berlin, specializes in crafting art that embodies the true essence of the Greek word 'kaleidoscope' (Kubistika). WithBori's creations, your perception is sure to take a delightful and transformative turn.

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Discover a stunning assortment of botanical wall art prints meticulously crafted by the exceptionally talented artist Ania Zwara, hailing from Poland.

Ania's artistic journey traces back to her early years, with art always at her side, awaiting the perfect moment to flourish.

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