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We ship to most locations in India, you can enter your pin code on checkout to see if we deliver to you.

We accept cancellations within 2 hours of you placing the
order. Once the 2 hour window passes the order goes into production and
cannot be cancelled or altered.

You can cancel your order by emailing us at /

Whatsapp us at +91-7358792364

At present we only sell wall art prints, these would not be paintings
rather a high quality print of the art created by our designers &

The Rolled/No frame option is when the art will come rolled in our tubes allowing you to frame them locally. They will NOT be ready to hang

Please Note - The
art when rolled will come with 0.25 inches extra space all around
allowing you to frame (You will be unable to gallery wrap rolled canvas
prints, please reach out to us before placing an order if you would like
your canvas prints to come with extra 2 inches for gallery wrap)

While we do not offer gift wrapping services at present, a lot of care does go into packing your order.

If you are looking at gifting our prints, we'd be happy to add a personalized note to your order.

All our Products are designed and manufactured with ♥ in India


We currently ship to most locations in India.


Unframed / Rolled Art Ships Within 2 - 3 Days

Gallery Wrap & Framed Art Ships Within 3 - 4 Days


Shipping Times can be anywhere between 3 - 6 Days after processing your order.

Note that Sometimes delays in shipping will occur due to circumstances
beyond our control, but we will always keep you updated and will do everything in our power to get you your art on time

We take extreme measures to ensure that your order is packed safely and securely and that it will reach you in mint condition. 

Rolled Art:

Our Unframed / Rolled art is first rolled between two sheets of protective art tissue paper and then covered in butter paper. Finally the art is rolled into our branded mailer tubes.

Framed Art:

Our framed art is first wrapped in in a protective film and then
covered in multiple layers of bubble wrap. Finally the art is placed in a flat corrugated box filled with protective filling to avoid movement during shipment. 


Currently you can securely checkout of out website using Debit/Credit Card, Net-banking, UPI & Wallets. We also offer COD on
orders below 2000 INR. 

You can also checkout using Sezzle where you buy now and pay in 4 equal installments over 4 weeks 

Not to worry, sometimes due to the bank servers being down there might be some issues in payment. Contact us and we will do our best to resolve the issue ASAP. (Whatsapp @ +91-7358792364)

Returns & exchanges

Each art is made to order. What that means is only when an
order is placed do we start working on printing, framing and packaging it. Hence, because of this we do not accept cancellations of orders once it has gone into production.

But we do accept cancellations within 2 hours of you placing your order. Once the 2 hour window has passed, we cannot accept cancellations of the same. 

Email :

Whatsapp : +91- 7358792364

Please refer the answer above for reasons as to why we Cannot accept returns and exchanges.

A lot of care and strenuous checking goes into each order. But due to circumstances out of our control sometimes the order gets damaged during shipping.

If you have received a wrong/defective product then please contact us within 48 hours of you receiving the product.

Please submit all tickets via. Call/Message/Email

i) Whatsapp us at +91-7358792364

ii) Email us at /

- For the return to be authorized, the order should be in the same
condition as when you received it including the original packaging. 

- When sending us communication about the return please include the below information 

i) Subject Title - Return / exchange

ii) Reason for return 

iii) Order Number & date of receiving the order. 

iv) Please include any photo documentation with your request as visual aid to back up your claim. 

Please note that we accept returns within 48 hours of you receiving your order. After 48 hours we will be unable to process your request for

We will accept returns/exchanges only
if you have received the wrong product or if there is a defect in the quality of your product. 

Once you have returned the item back to us we will refund the money of the product you paid. 

personalized prints FAQ

Yes! Our street map prints are not limited to one place or
country. We can personalize them for any locality, area or city in the

* The only exception to this is Korea, as their laws prohibit sharing their map data with Opensource-contributors™.

It generally takes us 24-36 Business hours to create every mock-up

You can make as many revisions you like but each change will take 18-24 business hours to make

While placing the order give us exact directions on how you would like for your map to look like by giving the

a) Exact location or address you would like to be centered in the map

b) Any additional information can be added in detail via. The checkout notes

c) If you would like to as further questions, once you place the order please send a Whatsapp message to +91-7358792364 with your order number
and information or directions for your order.


Gallery wrap is an option that is only available for canvas where we use
extra canvas fabric to wrap around the back to a wooden back board.

Our frames are 0.5 inch thick

Matte & Premium Luster paper comes framed with acrylic but Canvas being a fabric material comes without acrylic*.

*Acrylic - Acrylic is lighter than glass and is also more durable, which makes it ideal for framing.

All our framed art comes ready to hang, which means they come
with hooks on the back board. So once you receive the framed art it will be ready to hang.

Please Note - When you select no frame / rolled art then the art will NOT be ready to hang and will come rolled in our tubes.



Once you receive your prints in
our tubes, carefully remove them and without touching the printed area (try using the corners & the back of the print) place them on a flat surface and let them naturally smooth out and fix the small creases that may have been caused during shipping. 

Pro Tip - It would be best to directly take the tube to your local frame shop and have them handle the prints.


We ensure your prints will be packed with utmost protection to ensure no damage arises during transport. Once you receive the framed prints, carefully remove the packing material and follow the care instructions card provided in the box.


Where ever possible, do not touch any area on the page that has been printed on,
and if possible handle with gloves to avoid smudging and creases. 


The environment around where your print lives plays a Very Big factor on the protection of your Wall prints. 

Make sure to keep your art away from direct sunlight (especially south
facing light) , avoiding this might lead to yellowing of your print
(This does not apply for laminated / framed prints) 

HUMIDITY -  Maintain
a relative humidity between 35 and 55%; if humidity is too high the
print can be damaged by mold or insects, but if it’s too low the paper
can become brittle.


Keep prints in a cool environment. Don't hang prints near areas that get too hot or
cold, like radiators, or air-conditioners. Warm or moist conditions accelerate deterioration and encourage mold growth and insect activity.


Keep away from dust, dirt and other pollutants for the best protection. Light dust can be brushed away with a clean dry cloth. 

If you have any questions at all, we would be more than happy to answer them for you. Reach out to us at / Whatsapp : +91 7358792364

It would be extremely helpful to us if you could mention all the changes
you'd like in one go as that would help you zero down on your design at a much quicker pace as we would make all the changes at once to your map.



Great product and I will surely recommend to others.

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Pravina R.
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Loved it! It’s exactly as given in the picture and the quality is great!
I loved that they send you a whatsapp confirmation of your
map before actually shipping it! Looks great on my wall! 😊

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The product is top notch as usual, and the services at Nook are always extremely responsive and truly care for their customers

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